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Bar Tool Basics: Bar Tools You Need to Get Started

Posted by Megan Savage on

Having a stocked bar is one thing, but having the right tools is ultra important to make sure you can put that stocked bar to work. The amount of bar tools you can have is endless, but we’ve distilled the list down to the basics to help you start mixing and shaking like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are the basic tools you need to make most cocktails:

  • Mixing Glass
  • Shaker
  • Strainer
  • Teardrop Bar Spoon
  • Bell Jigger


Thinking back to our Shaken or Stirred blog post, having a shaker is crucial for when you want to make mixed cocktails, like the infamous Cosmopolitan for example (recipe below). The shaker helps you shake up your drinks, aerating them and creating a balanced, light cocktail.

Note: Never try to use a makeshift shaker, like two glasses! This can not only lead to your makeshift shaker breaking, but also will be heavier and won’t deliver the same drink.


When you’re shaking your drinks, you need a strainer to make sure that no ice shards are going into the glass. A strainer (which typically comes with your shaker) will fit to the shaker perfectly, so there’s no room for error when you’re pouring into your glass.

 Mixing Glass

Cocktail mixing glasses instantly level up your drinks because of their specialized weight and capacity, so you’re able to mix your spirits without dilution and offer a smooth drink. The lip of the mixing glass also allows you to easily strain and pour your drinks without the mess.

 Bar Spoon

These aren’t your average table spoons. A Bar Spoon is specifically designed for mixing drinks, and with a long handle and a tiny mouth, the bar spoon allows you to mix your drink while keeping the mouth of the spoon along the edge of the glass. This prevents breakage from ice while still mixing the drink well.

 Bell Jigger

While you can totally use a standard shot glass to get the job done, a Bell Jigger allows you to quickly have both 2oz and 1oz measured on hand to save time and measure your drinks with ease.

Use Your Bar Tools: Cosmopolitan Recipe

A cosmopolitan is a simple, iconic and delicious cocktail. The goal is to ensure that your Cosmopolitan is a light pink, not red.

 Here’s what you need:

 In your shaker, add crisp, fresh ice. Add all of the ingredients above and shake well for 5 Mississippi’s. Remove the lid of your shaker, and place the strainer onto the shaker. Pour into your cocktail glass, and garnish with a lime twist or wheel.

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