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Pucker up - It's Time to Talk Sour Beers

Posted by Ian McDonell on

It seems as though brewing conglomerates are pretty quick to hop on the next hot trends in beer these days. Be it hoppiness, maltiness, or more recently - sourness. Who sets these fads? How do the strangest and most backwards tastes seem to catch on the fastest and with the most poignancy? Are you one of the many who nod enthusiastically after a sip of the newest craze, projecting an air of confident approval, all the while your lips are puckering and your stomach churning? If you are one of the few (I believe there to be many frauds out there) fans of the strange new fads that are released, you might have already embraced the juiced up Sour Beers that are being rapidly pumped into the market. And if you are one of these individuals, kudos to you for the truly atoned palate you've been blessed with - the rest of us still need to pretend these things are enjoyable for the sake of saving face amongst our enthusiastic beer-forward friends.

For all you true Sour Lovers out there, we realize that sometimes these bad boys are hard to come by. Many breweries only carry one batch or line at a time, and sell out quick. Stores are rarely stocked, making locating these gems a difficult task. Well, you're in luck buddy. We've done an assessment of the LCBO's best and most stocked Sour Beers that are sure to leave your lips puckered, and your finely tuned taste buds nodding quaintly in approval. 

First up, is the Side Launch Breweries " Dry Hopped Sour". Due to popular demand, this bad boy is stocked up big time, and never in short stock. When you give this thing a taste this won't be a surprise. Though it might not possess the certain, Je ne said quoi, that you might take from a brewery pint, it still gives you all the key elements of that sour beer experience. If you really want to do it right, pour this baby into a Tulip glass. Why? I'm glad you asked. Higher gravity beers such as sours are known to be served best in Tulips, as they enhance the volatiles while retaining proper head retention. There you go, tell that to your snobby beer buds and watch their monocles drop from their eyes and dangle in amazement. Click HERE to get the Side Launch Dry Hopped Sour delivered straight to you the next time you attend a soiree and realize the Budweiser you brought might offend the other guests.

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Yours in beer,

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