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Wines to ~Fall~ for

Ahh, Fall... That oh so sweet couple of months (if we're lucky) between Summer and Winter that we Ontarians cherish so dearly. Nothing beats the crisp air, those beautiful shades of red and gold in the leaves on the trees, and the crisp crunch of the ones on the ground. Turkey dinners, maple-glazed ham and fluffy mashed potatoes are only the tip of the comfort food-iceberg during this excellent season of indulgence. What better way to round-off your perfect Fall than to sit back with an eloquently paired vino at your side? Sit back, and have your wine delivered to you while you wrap your wool sweater around your waist and set off to be lost in a corn maze. Order a second bottle so you can pour a glass for your date at the apple orchard. Our experts have selected the A-Team of Fall wines for you, all that's left to do is click!

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