$8.99 for 1 hour delivery - up to 2 hours during rush hours.

LCBO Delivery London

If you live in Masonville and are thinking of getting in your car to drive to the Fanshawe Park LCBO, or if you are a Fanshawe Student contemplating the oh-so-inconvenient bus ride to the Bellwood Plaza LCBO on Oxford, STOP RIGHT NOW and read this…

How many hours have you spent stuck in traffic on your way to the LCBO? How many minutes have you wasted in line behind a craft beer fanatic with a basket full of 50 quirky individual cans that the poor cashier scans endlessly while you wait? TOO LONG. It’s not too late to take your time back and to change your life. I know that sounds dramatic - but we’re dead serious about the benefits of delivery. When you make a Booze Buddy order from the comfort of your home, your favourite LCBO products are delivered right to your door in under an hour, anywhere in London. We help our customers get their precious time back so they can spend it on the things that matter, like celebrating a promotion, losing a lifelong friendship to a heated UNO rivalry, watching back to back episodes of Jeopardy (I think you get the point). Anything that is not sitting in traffic or standing in line is better. The choice is yours.

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