$8.99 for 1 hour delivery - up to 2 hours during rush hours.

Our Story

 Booze Buddy was founded in London Ontario by at-the-time Fanshawe student Patrick Sacher and Western student Ian McDonell. The idea was conceived by the seemingly simple question of "why do I have to make a phone call to order alcohol?". Pat and Ian worked to challenge that question over the following years by creating Booze Buddy with the vision to bring alcohol buying online in Ontario.

Today Booze Buddy facilitates the delivery of beer, wine and spirits to over 500 customers covering a total population of over 1.5 Million Ontario residents with expansion plans always in motion. Booze Buddy aims to be the most speedy and cheapest alcohol delivery service in each area it serves, while bringing it's users the best and most informative alcohol content and information via social media.

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